Being an Entrepreneur/Restauranteur

Brian Bailey, owner of Old Carolina Barbecue, Smoke the Burger Joint and Baja Pizza Fish will walk us through what it’s like being an entrepreneur/restauranteur.

How To: Build a Solid Foundation, Create Good Employees, and Grow Through Relationships

Closing Celebration with Elec Simon

Elec Simon, known for his work in STOMP, is a percussionist, drummer, teacher and motivational speaker. To close the day out, Elec will have you on your feet and drumming to the beat of entrepreneurship.

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Opening Remarks

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Jetpack Essentials for the Beginner Blogger

Jen’s talk will focus on the essentials of the Jetpack plugin for the casual blogger, beginning with installation of Jetpack, connecting to, and how to get help from Jetpack Happiness Engineers. An overview of the benefit of using Jetpack instead of multiple individual plugins will be discussed, and Jen will spend some time talking about the most exciting and important modules within Jetpack for the publisher user, such as Publicize, stats, Sharing, Photon, and beautiful Tiled Galleries and Carousel.

Options Pages for Themes and Plugins

A whirlwind tour of how to build options pages for beginning to intermediate themers and plugin-ers. And, since the theme review team has now made options pages a no-no for the theme repository, we’ll extend our tour into the world of the Customizer API.

Streamlined Workflow Using Grunt

The Fundamentals of WordPress Accessibility

Introduction To Plugin Development

Have you ever put code into your functions.php file to change your site? Ever lost that code when you changed themes? Topher will show you how to move that code into a simple plugin so you’ll keep it no matter what theme you use. Then using this as a base we’ll look at how to build more complex plugins.

How to Use WordPress to Host Your Podcast

Podcasting is one of the hottest trends for bloggers these days. In this session we will explore why WordPress is a perfect platform to host your podcast and how to get started inexpensively. We will also see how creating a podcast can increase the size of your online community, help you grow your business and allow you to become an authority in your niche.

Creative Use of Widgets for Content Management

Using custom sidebars in widget areas and on pages to push content that is repeated in some — but not all — areas of the site. Particularly useful for conveying information architecture when a site is divided into integrated sections. Includes examples and case studies.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back: Lessons in Admin UX

How You Can Contribute to WordPress

WordPress has been built by hundreds of volunteers around the world. I’m not just talking about the code and design itself, but also themes, plugins, documentation, tutorials, and more. The community itself benefits from the free time that you can give. It doesn’t have to be much, and sometimes doesn’t require a ton of skill, except knowing WordPress. I know WordCamp attendees have a specific purpose to attend for specific topics, but if you’ve ever thought about giving back to the WordPress community, but not sure about how, THIS would be the presentation to sit in on.

Blog Like an Artist but Act Like a Business Owner

All business owners should blog. And all bloggers should think like business owners. I will present how the business community can learn from the blogging community and vice versa. Social media marketing continues to be a significant topic for all entrepreneurs. We want to engage our online community – not just blindly sell to them! In this presentation I will discuss the importance of building your following, engaging your tribe, and treating the blog like your business.

10 Plugins to Get You Where You Want to Be with WordPress

Ready to take your WordPress site to the next level? Need special functionality to get it just right? Plugins are usually the answer.

Join this session to look at 10 plugins that will change the way you manage your content and members, increase security, and add functionality where you need it. A quick demo of each plugin is followed by real-world use examples so you can see how it effects the website.
Do you have a favorite plugin to share? Feel free to bring it along, and throw it into the mix.

WordPress for Schools

I recently replaced a proprietary SaaS CMS for the largest school district in the state (Newark, NJ). We launched our 70+ schools sites on Aug 29, 2014 on top of WordPress. Our district site is 30,000 pages and 300,000+ media assets. In the end, we cut our annual web site management budget in half and have beautiful new web sites powered by WordPress that ease the pain points our content owners, administrators and technology coordinators have when managing their school web sites. This presentation will cover how this was achieved using WordPress, how it has solved many of the problems we were facing with our vendor-controlled proprietary system, and how we have embraced the concept of WordPress as an Application Framework, allowing us to create all kinds of sites, applications, and mobile apps directly from WordPress.

TV…..WordPress TV

WordPress TV was created in 2009 as a place to feature presentations, highlights, how to’s and behind-the-scenes looks from WordCamps around the World.
Now you can find all the fantastic videos from WordCamps that you could not attend. See the presentations you missed and learn about topics for WordPress beginners to seasoned developers.
Recently WordPress MeetUp videos have been added for even more awesomeness.
See how videos are submitted, slides inserted and videos moderated before they are published to the WPTV website.

Security for Beginners

Branding your WordPress Site

If you’ve ever wondered, “what is a brand?” or “how can I use branding signals to my advantage?” or “how does branding apply to my business/ blog/ site?” then this would be a good session for you. Establishing a simple, different, and relevant meaning for your brand with the power to inspire effective branding signals – like your WordPress site – makes for brand success. Learn 5 key branding strategies, and walk away with actionable tips to improve your brand presence.

So You Want to be an Entrepreneur

7 Ways to Instantly Improve your Website

Using the Editor the Proper Way

So you’ve started your first WordPress site, and you begin writing your first post. Eventually you get your content written, and then notice that it just doesn’t look good when it’s on the site. After trying to “jazz it up” yourself, you realize you’ve created a monster with no idea where you went wrong or how to fix it. This session focuses on the do’s and don’ts of using the WordPress editor, while providing tips to help improve your content creation process.

Introduction to the Dashboard

Will It Sell? How To Determine if Your Product or Service is Market Viable

Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Site with Facebook Ads

Fight Impostor Syndrome

Marketing: Content and Data and Bounce Rates… OH MY!!!!

How to Build A Web Marketing Campaign That Outsmarts, Outperforms, and Outlasts Google

You can no longer win the web marketing game by simply manipulating search engine algorithms to get a #1 ranking. Today you have to build an  exceptional, complete web presence. Stoney will explain what it means to build an extraordinary web presence, using examples from Pontiac, Shark Tank, Taco Bell and Prego. He will discuss the importance of your company’s website voice and how to select the types of content that will resonate with visitors. Finally, the presentation concludes with why extraordinary websites always win the web marketing race.